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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barbies Verses G.I. Joe
Do you ever wonder if you are ever going to figure out that mystery they call the opposite sex?
Have you just given up on ever having a successful relationship with one of “them”?
Whether you are dealing with a good friend or a romantic interest, the key to better communication revolves around recognizing and appreciating your differences. And how to use them to your advantage!
SO Read on, Relax, and start talking on the same LEVEL!
*Disclaimer- Obviously the following is a generalization!  Every person is a unique individual, and you should spend every day of a relationship getting to really know that person on an individual basis, but this is a good place to start.
Basic Differences Between Guys and Girls


-Very Verbal, Talk about Everything, solve problems by talking them out. Want to know whats wrong—Listen to understand, and to empathize. Good to talk to because they make you feel like they really care about your problem
-Emotional, Don’t like to be teased as much, take everything to heart, and everything is an insult. Much more sensitive about appearance, and others perception of them
-Natural Mothers…-Gentle, kind, caring,
-“Feelers”—Both physically and emotionally.
-Need Little reassurances of affection—Love surprises, and random expressions of appreciation
-Need Respect and Romance
-Read in between the lines and TALK IN RIDDLES!!! And expect guys to understand- (they don’t!)
-Build Castles in the Sky about everything- (DREAMERS)
-Like to talk about everything that happens in a relationship- Want to go over every detail over and over
-Very "Touchy" put their hands on a guys arm, or play with his hair, etc. Its natural for girls and they may not realize how it affects a guy.
-Girls like holding hands, and to have a guys arm around their shoulders or their waist.
- Like to feel protected and safe--
-Feelings change fast and often, easily become mistrustful--
-Believe that if something is good, there is always a way to make it better—Never satisfied with mediocrity. A favorite phrase is...“can we move to the next level in our relationship”- or feeling the need to “define the relationship”
-Often hold a grudge, can’t forget a fight – Bring it up over and over..
-Want Empathy from guys
-Motivated when they feel cherished.
-Need someone to talk to when they are upset

-Better problem solvers; Think things out logically- Want explanations. Often when thinking they retreat into themselves, and don’t have any desire for conversation.
-Thinkers and Do-ers
-Not very verbal…enjoy talking, but not about everything. Enjoy downtime- and just NOT thinking for awhile (girls can NOT get this!)
-Listen to SOLVE problems, listen for the why, when and how
- Focus more on Facts instead of feelings!
-Natural Fathers…desire leadership, power, independence
–Often don’t know limits when teasing
-More easygoing, take things for what they are, don’t read into every thing
-BLUNT, pretty much tell it like it is
-Don’t know how to read between the lines (or even that they are expected to), so they often misunderstand girl’s intentions!
-Don’t understand that girls read so much into their words.
-Say whats on their mind without thinking first
-Need acceptance
-Need to feel like they are NEEDED, don’t like to feel expendable.
-Like to feel like they are pleasing others
-Guys are affected strongly by physical touch, they notice every touch you bestow- even if they aren't listening to what you say  
–Have a natural instinct for protection, often feel that they have to prove their Manhood- they don’t want to feel like a girl has to do something for them...or stand up for them
-Believe in the theory that “if it ain’t broke- then don’t fix it!” (especially in relationships)
-Forgive more easily…move on and forget past problems. Don’t usually hold grudges
-Have a hard time just listening…They think girls want solutions…try to solve their problems for them…and just cause more
-Need to be alone when they are upset
-Like to feel that they are the one in control of the relationship, but like to feel wanted.
-Do NOT like to be told what to do, or how to think
-NOT naturally spontaneous  Its not in their nature to surprise you with flowers girls...you have to let them KNOW this is something you want, or expect...they can’t read minds-- and the same goes with anything else you expect of them

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