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For Young Mothers

For Young Mothers

Its easy to feel forgotten by the busy world; like you are unimportant, a speck in a large universe. Cleaning, shopping, laundry, and bills, all consume more time than you thought possible. And right away they have to be done again! It's like a never-ending battle, that cannot be won...and doesn't matter! Especially not in the broad scheme of life. Politics, Business, Entertainment, and Crime fill the TV news nightly, and sometimes it seems like your only contribution to Society is the recycling you... sometimes... remember to do.  However, as I sit and stare at soft pink baby skin and fuzzy hair, I am reminded that I hold the future in my arms. And as the world passes by me, not noticing mysomewhatclean kitchen, or thrown together dinners; HERE is someone who needs me. Someone who relies on my teaching, nurturing, and love. NO one can replace my importance in this tiny life. And as society ridicules my decision to have no worldly Career, to live on my husbands salary, and to give up the niceties of life, I am unconcerned. Because I have made a choice to give my children all of me that I can- A sacrifice I willingly make, to furnish them with the best chance of succeeding- not only in the world- but in life.

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